Certificate Programs

CTS strives to offer the best in correspondence study. Regular college and seminary textbooks are used along with study guides. Personal attention is given to each student. The student is invited to call at any time for assistance.

Since Covington is a loosely-structured school, we can take each student at his/her present level of education and formulate his/her course of study. Whether the student has much or little Bible background, the program will be set up to progress the student from his/her specific point of entry. Our very broad curriculum allows us to do this, thereby eliminating the possibility of the student's having to repeat courses that they have already taken. In other words, the student's program with Covington will be tailor-made for his/her specific ministry.

At Covington you will receive the Bible training you desire as the liberal arts aren't a requirement for our degrees.  It's a theological education that can't be matched for the practical training and Bible study that you receive.  Each of our professors must have at least a Masters degree from CTS or an accredited seminary.