Biblical Counseling Certificates 

For those who are interested in gaining knowledge as a Christian Counselor, we offer four certificates representing training in this area.Covington's Certificate Program in Biblical Counseling is designed to move a student from their entry point of study into a progression of in-depth studies. Whether the student has little or no training or considerable experience and knowledge, we can design a plan of development to meet their ministry / educational goals.

Certificate I - Crisis Counseling Certificate (16 hours)
Certificate II - Marriage/Premarital Counseling Certificate (16 hours)
Certificate III - Certificate of Specialization -Biblical Counseling (32 hours)
Certificate IV - Certificate of Specialization - Biblical Counseling Advanced (32 hours)

The counseling development certificates are either sixteen or thirty-two hours, depending upon the program of study that the student enters. Each certificate could be added to a diploma or a degree program as an additional certification. Or, if a student begins a certificate program and decides to progress to a degree program, those courses may be incorporated into that plan of study. All credits earned are transferable to a degree program. (Examples: Graduate of Theology - with Certificate in Crisis Counseling; Bachelor of Ministry - with Certificate in Biblical Counseling Specialization; or Master of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling.) Proof of prior studies must be supported by transcripts.

The sole purpose for offering these studies is to better equip the servants of God in helping their fellowman.

Vision Statement
It is our vision to impact the Kingdom ultimately and the church presently by equipping Christian leaders with biblical counseling skills.

Mission Statement
It is our mission to be a pioneering school that teaches and equips those called to the ministry of counseling, using the Word of God as the predominate tool of instruction.