Doctoral Degree Programs 

Doctor of Ministry

Year One        40 Hours
BI-511    Genesis III    
BI-560 A    Panorama of the Old Testament – Part A   
TH-310    The Doctrine of Grace    
PS-535    Pastoral Theology II    
BC-400    Theology of Biblical Counseling    
PS-560    Strategies of Administration    
PS-433    Homiletics III    
CH-420    Church Missions II    
BI-532 or 534    Exposition of Ephesians or Romans 1-8    
BI-700    Ministry Application Project    

Doctor of Religious Education

Year One        40 Hours
TH-609    Bible Doctrines III    
BI-511    Genesis III    
BI-560    Old Testament II    
BI-580    Life of Christ    
BI-650    Christology I   
CH-445    Christian Apologetics II    
CH-550    Christian Education Leadership    
CH-648    Day School Administration    
BI-532 or 534    Exposition of Ephesians or Romans 1-8    
CH-693    Educational Application Project    

Doctor of Theology

A student is required to first graduate with a Master of Divinity, a Doctor of Ministry, or a Doctor of Religious Education degree in order to be accepted into the Doctor of Theology degree program, or they must have an equivalent degree from an approved institution.  The Doctor of Theology degree consists of a Master of Divinity degree plus 64 hours, or it consists of a Doctor of Ministry degree or Doctor of Religious Education degree plus 32 hours.

Year Two        32 Hours
BI-482    The Apostle Paul    
TH-503    Eschatology II    
TH-700    Theology IV    
CL-440    Biblical Eldership    
TH-500    Faculty Advisor (grade 48 study guides)    (8 credit hours)
TH-691    Doctor of Theology Thesis (50,000 words)    (8 credit hours)