Music/Worship Certificate

For those who are interested in training in worship or music leadership ministry, our courses are developed to provide certificates of completion for both the undergraduate and graduate level of studies. These courses are designed to take the student from an introductory level of ability to more advanced stages of leadership in the areas of worship and music competency. Each module of study consists of sixteen hours of study and are designed to provide competence for both certificate and degree programs. The completion of each module will provide for a certificate for that level of completion. Those interested in pursuing studies in Christian Worship / Music should contact the Registrar for information and assignment of an adviser in this field of instruction.

Certificatee I - The Beginning Music / Worship Leader - Sixteen Hours

Mu-456 Music Rudiments (4 hours)

Mu-495 Conducting (4 hours)

Mu-454 Church Music Ministry (4 hours)

Mu-478 Church Music Practicum (4 hours)

Certificate II - Music / Worship Leader Level Two - Eighteen Hours

Mu-488 The Minister of Music / Worship (6 hours)

Mu-461 Hymnology (4 hours)

Mu-572 Praise and Worship I (4 hours)

Mu-596 Great Composers (4 hours)

Certificate III - Music / Worship Leader Level Three - Eighteen Hours

Mu-485 Practice of Church Music (6 hours)

Mu-496 Church Music Ministry II (4 hours)

Mu-564 Praise & Worship II (4 hours)

Mu-582 Praise & Worship III (4 hours)

Certificate IV - Music / Worship Director - Eighteen Hours

Mu-531 20th Century Church Music (6 hours)

Mu-474 Music Ministry Overview (4 hours)

Mu-578 Church Music History I (4 hours)

Mu-582 Church Music History II (4 hours)